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The money that allows people profits for people better
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Wen Jiabao of premier of Chinese the State Council expresses 18 days in Beijing, did not come 5 years, I should be determined to advance finance system to reform, the money that allows people seeks an increase for people better.

When Home Wen treasure answers reporter of broadcasting station of broadcast of the people central to concern the query that how implements plan of governmental structural reorganization on the news conference that in National People's Congress of 11 whole nations the conference holds, make afore-mentioned expression.

Wen Jiabao expresses, the government reachs his all orgnaizations belong to people, abiding by constitution and law is the basic principle that the government works, governmental task is tutelar freedom, belongings and safety. The public service that we say, the prime increase that should be people namely serves, while we are continueing to strengthen economic adjustment, market to superintend, value social government and public service more.

He expresses, want to make governmental job moves below sunshine, this needs open, transparent. Only the government understands the situation of basic level and masses, it just can progress; Also only people knows the true condition of governmental action, people ability is mixed with strong support to the government reasonable criticism. The work in the same placing that I and I am present understand a reason: Put people on the heart only, people ability lets you sit on the stage.

Wen Jiabao says, I want to discuss issue of a communal financial, this is the issue that involves rarely. We should advance finance system to reform, make public finance has structural adjustment and the change that stimulative economy grows way better, improve the people's livelihood and improvement better zoology environment.

He says, actually the finance of a country history be soul-stirring. If you read it, can see the progress that is economy not only from which, and the structure that is a society and fair justice.