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Draft to new obtain employment person provide low public housing
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Before some day, new established housing and ministry of urban and rural construction accept collective to interview about chief, relevant controller expresses, solving problem of housing of medium income family is a problem that has challenge sex very much, will carry price fixing room, low price henceforth the policy shift such as public housing, accumulation fund satisfies the housing problem that income group waits for in distinct category.

Housing safeguard and accumulation fund supervise management to manage Min of director Hou Xi expresses, current we are low to solving the concerned policy of difficulty of income family housing is already special and specific, but still need to further ground studies and be made clear really to the concerned housing policy of medium income family.

Problem of income family housing waits to go up in solve, hou Xi Min thinks, rise to be compared higher in those house price big big in city, medium income family and in housing of low income family pays ability opposite inadequacy, the government should offer proper help. This governmental working report puts forward no less than, in wanting to increase low price, medium small model general goods housing is supplied. Below governmental help, the housing problem of low income family in be being solved through the method of the market.

Specific how to come true? Hou Xi Min thinks, it is to increase strength of estate market adjusting control above all, adjust housing to supply a structure. Among them, house price rises faster, especially the area with house price higher level, can draw lessons from the practice of partial area, develop housing of price fixing general goods. Price fixing house-owner wants by the government first the sale price of demarcate housing, adopt the measure that the market runs, income family waits in basically facing a city.

Hou Xi Min points out, still one is approve medium, medium low income family, the person that include new obtain employment (increase obtain employment population newly every year 11 million) go into town with one part Wu work staff, they may buy ” of room of “ price fixing to also have difficulty repeatedly, to this, will draw lessons from foreign practice and domestic experience, establish much channel cast financing mechanism, provide the public housing of low price. On policy of housing accumulation fund, also should consider to in low income family tilts, the respect such as the loan time that includes housing of applicable to buying economy housing, price fixing general goods, interest rate gives take care of, and simplify formalities.