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Wen Jiabao: Much channel solves housing problem
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On March 5 morning 9 when (on Wednesday) , the conference is in National People's Congress of 11 whole nations hall of Beijing people congress kicks off.

Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, Gu Qinglin, Ceng Qinggong, Li Changchun, Xi Jinping, Li Kejiang, He Guojiang, Zhou Yongkang is attended. Wu Bangguo moderates.

Wen Jiabao says:

Clutch build housing to guarantee a system. Total rudder is: (1) insists to set out from the fundamental national condition with much little ground of our country person, establish science, reasonable housing construction and consumptive pattern. Develop province land energetically energy-saving environmental protection residence, in increasing small model housing, guide a dweller to be consumed moderately. (2) insists to produce the effect of government and market correctly, the government basically makes housing program and policy, do well land is reasonable supply, intensive is used and manage, the key develops the housing of low income family in facing. The housing demand of good-paying family basically is solved through market adjustment. (The adjusting control that 3) holds to to strengthen pair of estate markets and superintend, standard and uphold market order, stimulative real estate stabilizes healthy progress continuously. Want to take 4 step this year: Want perfect cheap to hire housing system, accelerate cheap to hire housing construction, increase room source supply, strengthen economy to applicable housing is built and manage, resolve difficulty of housing of masses of urban low income actively. 6.8 billion yuan are used at the capital that cheap hires housing system to build in the center of this year, increase 1.7 billion yuan than last year; Various government should raise the place the investment of this respect. In the meantime, want to improve living condition of peasant worker worker actively. 2 in wanting to increase low price, medium small model general goods housing is supplied, build much channel to cast financing mechanism, through a variety of way helps medium income family solves housing problem. Reasonable adjust structure of urban land supply, in increasing small model housing uses the land. 3 should use the method such as taxation, credit, land integratedly, perfect system of housing accumulation fund, increase housing available supply, control unreasonable demand, prevent house price to rise too quickly. 4 should strengthen the market to superintend, admittance of market of severe estate company and exit a condition. Investigate unused corner land, room lawfully source and fry the ground to fry room behavior. In the meantime, want to strengthen rural housing to build program and management, cogent solve problem of safety of housing of rural difficult masses. We should advance housing reform and construction adamantinely, let people live and work in peace and contentment.