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The duty field ana of wall of two meetings echo
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•“ these year of government working report is medium had not loosened obtain employment from beginning to end, what obtain employment regards the people's livelihood this, this is governmental responsibility! ”

Office of hall of social security of delegate of National People's Congress of —— whole nation, Zhejiang grows Chen Xiaoen

• continues to implement vigorous obtain employment policy, the obtain employment problem of about 50 million person should be solved inside 5 years.

Wen Jiabao of chairman of state of —— People's Republic of China

The regulation that • labor contract law decides deadline labor contract about having solid is not return times of ” of “ iron rice bowl-a secure job, more do not be equal to “ lifelong make ” .

Zhang Ming of vice-chairman of federation of trade unions of committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of —— whole nation, whole nation rises

• is in the area with house higher price, build ” of apartment of youth of a batch of “ , resolve the housing demand of youth of ” of layer of with filling of big city “ , because can not afford a house,prevent a talented person and prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

Delegate of National People's Congress of —— whole nation, civilian establish Shanghai municipal Party committee deputy advocate appoint, Zhang Zhaoan of head of advisory department of research center of Shanghai government development

• why does doctors and patients feel twice to subdue? Why a divine profession, be changed by demon however now? It is occupational distress, be still the blemish of the system?

Young doctor Bian Zhengqian talks about surgery of general of hospital of —— Shanghai benevolence aid cure changes

• the adjustment that now is the stock market period. Adjust period the judgement that may give a person a mistake: Xiong Fu came. Till now, according to the data that we master, return those who do not look to give Xiong Fu to come.

Li Yining of committee member of —— the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

• long holiday is very god-given to a lot of people, work especially estate. Still want to return my footing so, must push the New year holidays that take salary first, push again cancel to grow a holiday. Otherwise common people was in an unfavorable situation instead.

—— National People's Congress represents Sha Zhenquan

The person that • has one part low income socially now does not live to go up house, this responsibility should be in government, is not development business.

Day of Chen Gong of committee member of —— ground industry

The person that low income capture is put in •“ majority is the good-paying in minority the structure that capture keeps a person to offer low interest to borrow money, the housing that violated accumulation fund system ensures quality, hire a room to should bring into limits of accumulation fund draw money. ”
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