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Labor mediation arbitrates the law is carried out formally
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Yesterday (4 days) " labor dispute mediates arbitral law " formal

Greet first weekday, labor of each basic level arbitrates the branch appears inside Guangzhou city numerous laborer drives “ early greatly the ” of “ head regular bus of free ” .

It is reported, whole town statistic applies for many times 540, it is common standard 3 times much, main concentration is mixed in old the city zone a Yu, it is with area of the Milky way exemple, up to yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock statistic, have nearly 60, had welcomed 200 people, achieve historical level. Because yesterday is weekday, a lot of laborer think labor bureau does not go to work, predict Zhou Yi will greet a height now.

Back pay also arbitrated in January

Last morning at 8 o'clock half, arbitration of labor of more beautiful area does to just opened the door “ greets guest ” , 67 people queue up outside the door. The controller that this arbitration does expresses, never appear with contact laborer drives the circumstance that will early queue up, one day shared 50 much people to sign advisory application yesterday, those who accord with a condition have 8.

The reporter is in yesterday morning 11 when do in this arbitration see, although draw near,come off work, but still 7 people are waiting hand in application material to reflect a problem. The bridge gentleman that lives in Hui Fulu works in wine shop, be defaulted a monthly wages, the salary of my month has “ many 800 money, was defaulted by the unit. Also want to arbitrate through labor before, but, be afraid that labor arbitrates beautiful money spends energy again again in those days, for 800 money undeserved. And hear of now OK and free, I came rapidly, attribute oneself fund or must want to come back. ” bridge gentleman expresses, " labor dispute mediates arbitral law " the effect with be carried out very can main to safeguarding the interest of laborer to rise.

And in occasion of Li bay area more grand, yesterday one morning with respect to afflux 43 applicant. Dispute of labor of Li bay area arbitrates office director Chen Yimin expresses, with before today most also ten, never resemble so hot over- . Come off work to yesterday, li bay area was handled one day add up to 58 cases, among them the spot accepts 39, 7 in order to close the form is received, another a few because cannot satisfy all sorts of requirements,will handle separately.