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The enterprise enrols newly: Send salary kissing affection to employee parents
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“ daughter goes to work, those who become mother also can get pay every months. ” speaks of this stake is new thing, the Zhang Fuying that lives in new residential quarter of river north garden laughs so that close not approach mouth, this kisses “ affection salary 100 yuan, qianbuduo, but know the daughter is working well, parents was at ease. ”

Salary kissing affection makes try out after half an year is much, a market that is located in dam of sanded level ground studies limited company general manager expresses the day before yesterday, “ money exceeds a value, enhanced employee attributive feeling. ”

Get 100 yuan of money order bills every months

Ms. Zhang says, she got the beginning of the year suddenly 100 yuan of money order bills, the remitter is the daughter goes to work firm of that market research. The 2nd month, she got a piece of such money order bills again. Ms. Zhang asks ability knows, every months these 100 yuan are “ ” of salary kissing affection, the unit that is a daughter sends the “ bonus of worker family member technically ” .

“ parents fears children is outer the work is not great, the bonus of the unit is sent now excellent in, explain daughter work is very steady at least. Ms. ” Ms. Zhang says, neighbour also envies her to get pay kissing affection now, she expects every months to be able to get a money order bill earlier.

Employee: The job has drive particularly

Ms. Zhang Wu tells the employee of this company the reporter, she is Rong Changren, the beginning of the year just went to work to the company, discover the company also sent a salary to parents surprizingly.

“ my Mom receives fund every time, call gladly exhort I work well. ” Zhang Wu says, because of working reason, she comes home rarely, hit a phone to regard father and mother inaccessibly even. Every kiss affection to company hair “ salary ” , she thought of parents, the job rises to also have drive particularly.

Every months of many company expenses 4000 yuan

Employee presses “ now muscularity, the work is hard, perhaps do not have parents of overmuch time give presents, extend salary kissing affection hopes to be able to take the place of namely they use up heart of a filial piety for parents, hope employee family is at ease, also be the acknowledgment of pair of employee plod. The general manager Zhang Hongxiang of this company weighs ” , the company began in December from last year, turn through the bank Zhang or postal remittance, put 100 yuan of wage kissing affection to the parents of every formal employee or conjugal hair.

Zhang Zong director says, still be in attempt phase at present, company every months only this expenditure exceeds 4000 yuan, but from manpower resource branch feedback circumstance looks, the effect is particularly good, money exceeds a value, enhanced employee attributive feeling. Next, the firm increases salary kissing affection to extend likely strength.
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