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Senior employee yearly salary exceeds Jiangsu 100 thousand
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Employee does not have official position, lieutenancy 1-3 year, yearly salary 5-14 10 thousand.

Autograph 1-3 year contract, highest take 140 thousand higher even yearly salary; Not be officeholder, but face a society to make public invite applications for a job like officeholder, employ hind occupies a government sector to weave this month removes …… , yangzhou takes the lead in trying ” of system of employee of travel “ government in the round in complete province, always need the branch of ” of “ government employee, unit really, can offer application, the meeting when be being examined and approve nevertheless from tight control, the ” of “ government employee that predicting second half of the year produces does not exceed 10. Concerned expert expresses, although the number is little, it is the ” of “ government employee on real significance however. Choose the new pattern that the person servantchooses a person for a job as the government organization, ” of “ government employee conduces to the talent composition that improves mechanism officeholder, making a kind of trend and move toward normalization.

[Policy] yearly salary of ” of “ senior employee not under 100 thousand

Came on stage a few days ago " employee of Yangzhou municipal government runs try out way " affirmatory, what ” of “ government employee points to is the special need that government organization basis works, wait for the technical qualified personnel of the respect from trade of the law that employs socially, finance, classics, city building, program, information, foreign language and new and high technology.

Method made clear the employment program of ” of “ government employee. Above all, the sectional unit that needs ” of “ government employee offers a plan, by bureau of town occurrences in human life hind of examine and verify signs up for municipal government authorized. Next, face a society to make public invite applications for a job, among them, after senior employee must be led via municipal government director and leading interview about the branch, decide; Choice of persons is certain inside limits fair show. The 3rd, unit of employ heel employ is signed " book of governmental employee contract " .

Differ according to official rank, yangzhou city mixes governmental employee cent for average employee senior employee. Average employee must have job of record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above and major of 3 years of above to experience, or have intermediate title. Senior employee must be special advanced only just, have Master, doctor's degree or advanced title, the domain has this major to know higher the name is spent and larger force, outstanding achievement is outstanding. Corresponding, ” of “ government employee executes yearly salary to make, in all 6 archives, average employee is 1-3 archives, yearly salary is respectively 50 thousand, 65 thousand, 80 thousand, senior employee is 4-6 archives, yearly salary is respectively 100 thousand, 120 thousand, 140 thousand, timely adjust. The particularly outstanding to minority, handsome appearance that can make tremendous or special contribution to this city, via municipal government approval can determine yearly salary level separately.
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