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Hong Kong " works imperial " yearly salary 270 million
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A few days ago, hong Kong revenue was announced worked to before 10 “ of 2001 year 2000 the salary tax amount of pay of imperial ” place. These “ work the breathtaking high pay of imperial ” caused attention of Hong Kong common popular. Someone says, work imperial pay increases economy of indication Hong Kong to anabiosis, also show Hong Kong has enough advantage to draw outstanding talented person in international. But ” of young worker of one part “ thinks this shows aggravate of great disparity of Hong Kong the rich and the poor however, not be meddlesome certainly.

Go one year, a “ of top salary works the salary tax that imperial ” paid 41 million HK dollar to revenue capture, the yearly salary that estimates him reachs 270 million HK dollar, although with average and daily go to work 12 hours to calculate, he every go to work one minute, bank registered permanent residence can exceed 1040 HK dollar into Zhang, daily firewood fulfil amounts to 750 thousand HK dollar.

Li Jiacheng loves yearly salary with 100 million plan

Although Hong Kong revenue does not have exposure,these “ work the full name of imperial ” , but the “ that the press of Hong Kong much home all pushed top salary of cipher out Hong Kong according to each data yesterday works the name of imperial ” . Integrated the computative result of much home the press, the Li Jiacheng of “ preterhuman ” that earns more than 200000000 HK dollar one year love general, and writing down Huo Jianning of president of Huang Bu group should be complete harbor make money most “ works imperial ” .

According to Hong Kong newspapers quote much home appeared on the market yesterday the annals statistic of the company shows, hong Kong and yellow group this year still is to teem with “ to work the Hong Kong of imperial ” appears on the market company, become once more besides Huo Jianning most the “ that make money works outside imperial ” , this group is additional two high levels: Flange of land of Zhou Mufang of vise general manager, financial director because share a huge sum is spent red, once more selected before 10 “ work imperial ” . Nevertheless, “ works imperial ” also has good times don't last long, estimate like Peng Zelun of chairman of bank of the first peace and tranquility will drop to end of a list of names posted up by the 4th of last year, and the Li Guobao of chairman of East Asia bank that buys bank of the first peace and tranquility successfully criterion with yearly salary nearly 18 million Hongkong dollar jumps litre of 5 class.

Be worth somewhat truly still is great disparity of the rich and the poor

Resource of Hong Kong manpower learns Wu Kejian of external affairs chief inspector to express, in light of the expression with salary duty, hong Kong “ works imperial ” people income can be rivalled with the world, enough advantage is in Asian area draws outstanding talented person on international even. He says, although Hong Kong “ works the firewood fulfil of imperial ” is highest amount to 270 million HK dollar, but this is “ person is worth ” somewhat, because international evaluates an orgnaization to all think the senior management person with ability of Hong Kong has ” of “ entrepreneur spirit, the abidance that can ensure Hong Kong economy develops. Wu Kejian thinks, CEO CEO(of company high level) face a lot of challenges, their high pay also nots allow to earn easily.
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