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Satisfaction of fulfil of HR practitioner firewood is spent only 1%
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Satisfaction of fulfil of HR practitioner firewood is spent only 1%

In 760 HR practitioner, the HR of 30% is right at present the firewood fulfil dissatisfaction, person of 16% expresses to compare satisfaction, the HR of 50% thinks his firewood fulfil returns be able to pass, the HR of 1% is only right oneself firewood fulfil is at present satisfied. In ” of investigation of state of field of duty of “2008 China HR, “ you are satisfactory to current pay an investigation shows ” afore-mentioned results.

Investigation shows, although the HR of each industry is opposite,oneself current firewood fulfil condition reflects more intense dissatisfaction generally, but the state of firewood fulfil satisfaction of HR also has particular concern with industry property. Although the yearly salary of mechanical industry HR of 80% is controlled for 500 thousand yuan, but still 75% express dissatisfactory, the HR yearly salary that has 20% additionally is 200 thousand - 300 thousand yuan or so, 25% express justifiable. The yearly salary that builds industry HR 75% control for 500 thousand yuan, the yearly salary that has 25%HR is 200 thousand - 300 thousand yuan or so, but among them yearly salary still has 60% to express in 500 thousand yuan HR dissatisfactory at present level, only the person of 33% shows be able to pass. And in medical industry, the HR yearly salary that has 60% was achieved 200 thousand - 300 thousand yuan, the HR yearly salary of 33% achieved 150 thousand yuan or so. The respect is spent in satisfaction, express to be dissatisfactory. Whole will tell, the satisfaction to compensation spends HR to be only 1% .

In this second investigation, the yearly salary of the HR personnel of 70% is in 80 thousand the following, 3% of above of 200 thousand yearly salary, the expert expresses, the HR top post that shares investigation this is HRD, it is HR manager for the most part, the effect that the firewood fulfil of HR can produce with oneself on certain level is close together and relevant.

Mechanical industry HR finds new job desire is the strongest

The HR that “ ability cannot develop ” , “ to work not to value the numerous reason such as ” to cause a lot of companies without foreground of company of passionate ” , “ produced the opinion that find new job, among them 4 become HR had begun the operation.

Investigation shows, the HR of 33% considers medical industry find new job; Teaching cultivate an industry in, the HR that also has 24% has the plan that find new job; Mechanical industry has the HR of 40% to considering to find new job, it is the industry with the most apparent report. In addition, the HR of the industry such as IT, electron, finance suffers the effect of industry property, the plan that find new job also is in be pregnant with.

To this, the expert thinks, make a comprehensive view all sorts of finding new job reason, ability cannot be developed and the job is in without passionate platoon first of all sorts of reasons, this reflected the everybody dissatisfaction to middle current situation adequately, longing develops him in the environment of rich passion. “ but because business operator lets HR participate in company strategy,the reason of deeper administrative levels is decision-making strength is insufficient, the chance that give is not much, because HR pays close attention to oneself to develop a space most, they long to obtain all sorts of study opportunities to foster his from inside the enterprise most, also pay close attention to the advanced administrative method that is helpful for an enterprise currently most. ”
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