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Professional husband salary uncovers secret greatly
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1000 army easy, will beg hard, more and more high-end profession handler become company core to manage the component of resource, accordingly, the enterprise increases increasingly to the demand of professional handler, on the other hand, pressing sex strengthens demand with each passing day. In the meantime, the hand holds company weight, income quite abundant, the successful delegate that professional handler regards a profession as the class entered the field of vision of people quickly.

Center in 10-20 10 thousand crowds

30 years old to find new job frequent age

The first profession of China of the “ that be called the Tang Jun of handler ” finds new job from royal network to civilian battalion enterprise the group takes up the post of new Huadouji president, “ turns cash of membership due ” is added primitive add up to 1 billion yuan of RMBs about.

Professional handler became the label type crowd of good-paying it seems that, but not be all profession handler be like this pay, the critical difference of yearly salary discretion basically is reflected many respects wait in quality of dimensions of property of industry, company, company, individual, and criterion of firewood fulfil mark from 100 thousand to 10 million differ, among them, yearly salary is in 100 thousand - the professional handler of 200 thousand compares concentration relatively.

In respect of firewood reward system, the company of 50% above is very similar, main component is yearly salary, base salary and bonus of the end of the year 3 kinds of forms, the mechanism of firewood fulfil drive that only a few enterprise gives professional handler equity and stock period right.

The enterprise is searching professional handler, the need in the process of accredit gives tremendous cost zephyr a place difficult of access, as we have learned, seek two kinds of of professional handler main way, one kind is to pass contact of person arteries and veins to search appropriate person selected, another kind of means is to pass hunt head to search, more common, efficiency is taller also.

“ is told commonly, be promoted to a high office by what hunt profession handler has position and compensation side, it is more reasonable that the compensation of 25%-30% promotes Billie. Presiding and advisory Zhao Chenglong tells firm of head of ” some hunt the reporter, the professional handler of “80% can choose to stay in former trade when find new job, and we also suggest professional handler can be in for the development henceforth same industry holds to stability to come down. ”

As we have learned, 30 years old come 35 years old this age paragraph it is professional handler finds new job more frequent phase, accumulate through working experience of nearly 10 years, it is mature that the ability of each respect tends, and working energy is in more exuberant phase, additional, 30 years old control the transition level that will tell to handler of a lot of professions is a key, the profession that a lot of people hope to go after higher administrative levels through a few change develops platform.
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