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8 years undergraduate firewood requite is accused
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Enter in August, this year's university 2008 is graduate people sing Wan Li song, leave campus, great majority has begun new life on working station.

Nevertheless, there often is an undergraduate to complain on the network: “ pay is too low, still be inferior to baby-sitter, the university was read 4 years in vain. ” such complaining that some are pessimistic, more and more people begin to pay close attention to the salary of undergraduate of strong finish school.

Recently, 100 2004 - the sample book that the college undergraduate students that graduated 2008 became our newspaper reporter to interview: How much is the first monthly wages after they have a job? Work a few years, after a few months, how much is present salary? Come 5 this years, does the firewood fulfil of the first month move toward graduate of this year's college how? This period report, the hope is right will to apply for a job, to apply for a job, the undergraduates that just perhaps entered station are helped somewhat.


This investigation reclaims in all effective questionnaire 100, among them, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, university undergraduate course is graduate 2008 each 20 people; The profession includes: Adviser of plan of secret of officeholder, teacher, engineer, assistant, article, clerk, technician, financial, ad, nurse, banking, reporter waits.

Be worth what carry is, the object that investigates this all is college undergraduate students, graduate school includes: University of institute of normal school of institute of Normal University of college of Xiamen university, Nanjing university, Beijing grain industry, Jiangsu university, Tianjin university, Nanchang university, Jimei university, Shanghai, Fujian Normal University, 3 bright normal school, Zhangzhou, overseas Chinese. This tone checks the elephant all works in Xiamen.

Data the first mean monthly salary: 1671 yuan

According to statistic, these 100 undergraduates work the salary of the first month is 1671 yuan on average, among them, 1001—2000 yuan this class was occupied 7 into many.

Investigate discovery, income of the first month under 1000 yuan opposite less, and it is a clerk more. The Xiaochen that graduated 2005 works in company of a network, main job is sale. Imprinting on “ calling card ‘ sale represents ’ , work actually even if help business. Base salary 800 yuan, other income relies on deduct a percentage from a sum of money. ” Xiaochen says, the first his monthly wages has base salary only, because do not have experience, having notting feeling way to do sth, did not complete brushstroke professional work. Nevertheless he takes the 2nd month 1000 January firewood, he helps brushstroke business, from which 200 yuan of of deduct a percentage from a sum of money money award that make him.

Nevertheless, also have many undergraduates that are engaged in marketing, the first month took high pay. The Xiaoyu that graduated from Xiamen university 2007, go to work in an electron enterprise, the first monthly wages 3000 yuan. Other staff is in 2000 yuan probably, because he has language advantage, salary is some higher than someone else.
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