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Average wage rises what also does not explain
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On July 28, national statistic bureau releases data, worker of on guard of Chinese town unit is average first half of the year this year salary 12, 964 yuan, grow 18.0% compared to the same period. Among them, town is state-owned economic unit 13800 yuan, grow 17.0% compared to the same period; Unit of town collective economy 7789 yuan, grow 18.9% ; Town is other economic kind unit 12610 yuan, grow 19.2% .

It is the fast growth of a two digit! According to the number of national statistic bureau, since since 1999, chinese worker is average of salary go up be in two digit above, go up on average for 12.9% . This number, since exceeding the closest period of time the CPI of overgrowth, the GDP that does not make world of rule the region old is added fast.

Ordinarily, this should be make what the people of the whole country is filled with exultation meddlesome; But unluckily, in last few years the manner that the people faces this one word is horizontal stroke of ” of “ board brick flies: Or amazed “ predestined relationship why my payroll disappears have ” of a bit change, or deeply touched says difference of “ the rich and the poor is pulled again big ” , even says or state with certainty ” of affusion of “ statistic data.

Objectively for, average wage surveys a project this is through each forms for reporting statistics of sampling unit the newspaper goes up, move a team to be hunted down through tone by the city, its example number amounts to several, according to statistical angle, the possibility of existence deviation is not large. People holds huge distrust to official data, result from data and reality to experience between tremendous contrast, but investigate its germ, it is the doubt of meanings of pair of “ average ” .

This kind of phenomenon is not rarely seen. In recent years, a series of includes average wage, average per capita to be able to control income and house price to wait inside related to the people's livelihood “ average ” that statistical branch announces got widespread doubt of the public. Its reason, also depend on “ average ” actually not reality of can accurate depict lives, in short, average is not equal to great majority.

It is with sufferring the ” of average of house price “ of bad-mouth likewise exemple, it is to show commodity house is average commonly sale price, namely with that month (in those days) amount of commodity house sale is divided in order to sell an area. This among them, include the city zone, also include a suburb, the house price that computation comes out often makes the dweller of downtown feel “ became low ” , the resident that allows a suburb feels “ became tall ” . So, more ground of ” of this “ average is reflective structure change, level of price of and rather than.

” of “ average wage is put in the problem with similar move. What national statistic bureau announces is worker of on guard of unit of “ China town average wage ” , go up according to website of government of national statistic bureau about the worker average wage the explanation of this one index, the worker that its statistic object is unit of enterprise, career, office is average inside certain period the monetary wages forehead of his earning. But those who make a person regretful is, statistical branch did not investigate method of cloth of devoir of process, appearance, calculation to wait make detailed explanation, and did not publish the fractionize data that is a project with area, industry, estate. Accordingly, the growth of ” of this “ average wage, may be all people shared development achievement, implementation already collective and rich, also may be to was in the people income of the end on pyramid to appear again advance rapidly. To sum up in a word, ” of big average of a “ masked difference, colorred peace and tranquility, also make the basic sense that this statistic lost his to exist.
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