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Standard of Zhejiang minimum wage resides the cogongrass before the whole nation
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Zhejiang saves a government to announced a minimum wage standard after adjusting on August 20. Since this year September, relative to the standard that implemented up to now 2007, new lowermost monthly wages will be general rise 70-110 yuan.

Zhejiang province government is in this the name is " the announcement that saves minimum wage standard completely about adjusting " in regulation, rose on September 1 from this year, zhejiang standard of province lowest monthly wages is adjusted it is 960 yuan, 850 yuan, 780 yuan, 690 yuan of 4 archives; The standard of lowermost hour salary that is not full-time job is adjusted it is 8 yuan, 7.1 yuan, 6.5 yuan, 5.7 yuan of 4 archives.

Since since implementing minimum wage system 1994, zhejiang province had been adjusted 10 times to its in 14 years. This year first half of the year, index of price of consumption of Zhejiang province dweller (CPI) rises 7.4% , this salary is adjusted is to increase the income of low income estate, share economic society to develop brought gain.

Save labor and wages of work of social security office to be in the introduction according to Zhejiang, this is Zhejiang strength is adjusted bigger since the province begins to implement minimum wage system. Employee should sign labor contract with unit of choose and employ persons only, or although did not sign labor contract but what certain already work concerns is applicable. The part of individual pay wants in the society including to be sure in minimum wage.

As we have learned, omit governmental provision according to Zhejiang, place administer what each city belongs to the basis the county (city, area) standard of living of economic progress level, dweller and unit of choose and employ persons bear the actual condition such as ability, choose to decide standard of local minimum wage grants as soon as possible in order to announce, sign up for province labor and social security hall to put on record.

Itself of minimum wage standard is not a when salary pays actual level, pay the legal ground of pay to be restricted to laborer however. Zhejiang saves labor and social security hall to point out, when enterprise and laborer sign reward of labor contract, certain work, the real wages standard of the laborer that ought to determine different post, position according to outstanding achievement of the post duty of laborer, individual and enterprise benefit. Minimum wage system is not mean an enterprise to be able to be standard plan to send salary with minimum wage standard.

Zhejiang saves a government to still point out, complete province will advance of all kinds enterprise and laborer to sign labor contract generally lawfully energetically, cogent strengthen labor contract and collective contract management, strive to save worker labor contract to sign completely this year rate achieve 95% above, explore build company worker pay to grow a mechanism normally.

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