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The N that concerns with pay feline be bored with
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Nowadays, the “ patent ” that encounters back pay already was peasant worker worker no longer, many white-collars are medium even high-level administrator, also become the victim of back pay. Especially enterprise of a few civilian battalion, without normative pay system, how is pay sent, how much to send, it is the boss said to calculate. And the back pay method of certain business concealments quite, even if the white-collar public figure that has gotten higher education, also the “ moneybag ” that consciousness is less than him by person calculate.

The body is on-the-job of field you, whether ” of all sorts of “ cat be bored with in get behind pay? Face back pay, how should you get back justice?

Feline be bored with one: Salary is hit fold

Gu Wei applies for a company successfully to hold the position of sectional manager, there is “ monthly pay for nothing obviously on labor contract 7000 yuan of ” , gu Wei is very satisfactory to this number. But the first monthly wages hair comes down, be less than 4000 actually. Gu Wei indissolubles, go enquiring finance affairs, just know the company has do not become the regulation of article, every monthly wages is pressed 60% extend, buckle go duty and 4 gold, but not remnant many 3000. So additional 40% when to send? Fishily casts financial side give a word: This should see “ company benefit, if benefit is good, the end of the year is one-time send you, if bad to be not sent. ” nature, anxiously when the end of the year, beneficial result of a “ of company is bad ” , gu Wei the salary cancel totally of tens of thousands of money.

The white-collar that is having similar lot is absent a few. Company with benefit bad to make excuse, can arouse staff job passion already, can play the part of clear to have pity on shape again, stem the mouth of employee, still can save ready money of next very big brushstroke. With one action 3, he Le is?

Feline be bored with 2: Do not pay overtime

The reporter ever saw a card in some forum, send post person inquiry: “ works overtime on the weekend, how many overtime can you take? ” did not think of person of a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender is unanimous: “ you are which company, still overtime can be taken? ”

Pay less do not pay overtime even, nowadays already is the practice with a few current businesses. At the beginning of July, office of famous accountant of Pu Huayong path erupted one lasts two weeks trouble between labor and management, its core problem is overtime. The employee that Pu Huayong complains say, ground of their year in year out works overtime, often all night until dawn, cannot get corresponding compensation however.

The employee photograph that with Pu Huayong is compared, more duty field people chose silent. The Li Ming month that works in some IT company hit the mark with a single comment among them cause: Obtain employment situation is grim now, why bother offends angry for a bit overtime boss, lose job?
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