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In English " pay " a variety of expression laws
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1. Pay Check: Pay check. The company signs and issue, the check that can pointing to orgnaization of deposit be in harmony to cash.

2. Pay Stub: Pay stub. The receipt that file. The check amount that uses business accounting to sign and issue and payable are relevant project amount.

3. Pay Period: Salary cycle. Send the time of salary interval twice. Can be everyday (few) , weekly, every months, double week, half moon.

4. Pay Rate: Salary standard. The company pays a level by what both sides decides, in order to time or the means of reckon by the piece pays employee salary.

5. Gross: Amount. According to certain wage level, employee is in the main income inside certain period can be:

Salary: Pay (daily / every week / every months of fixed number, weekday counts the basis to adjust)

Wage: When firewood (make adjustment hourly wage standard according to working duration)

Piece: Piece rate (the amount that the work that completes to every pays)

Total wages still can be made according to commission and bonus adjust.

6. Commissions: Commission. Basis before sell outstanding achievement, the money of fixed hair.

7. Bonuses: Bonus. The cash that the company pays according to different account, if finish the job, incentive employee improves productivity, special red-letter day (be like christmas) , etc.

8. Deductions: Deduct. Deducting expense is the share that the company retains from inside your total wages. Also be called normally deduct from fountainhead (deduct) from inside salary directly.

A few common deduction charge has:

Income Tax: Individual income tax

Pension: Annuities

Medical: Medical treatment is safe

9. Net: Clean salary. Deduct amount of the rest after all projects from inside total pay. This is the money that you can put finally into purse.  

10. Raise: Raises. The adjustment of salary standard, it is a basis normally working performance, maintenance, and rise job.

11. Direct Deposit: Stock a bank directly. Turn your clean salary into the bank directly.