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White-collar dimension " firewood " 4 proceed with
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White-collar thought fors the time being should from proceed with of all directions face:

1, must sign labor contract. Before sign, still should enquire through all sorts of ways pay of this company in-house worker extends circumstance.

2, sign labor contract to want discreet, above all, the agreement of every both sides, wait like salary, bonus, deduct a percentage from a sum of money, welfare, must complete, write in labor contract consistently, do not say, write, what such in the end are in an unfavorable situation is him.

Next, do not sign blank contract. Again, the contract wants him to leave. Finally, do not sign foreign language contract only, have bluff somebody into giving information in case.

3, be in at ordinary times in the job, answer “ ” of recessive back pay raises vigilance, the attention gathers all sorts of evidence. For instance, how do you prove you have overwork action? Card of the announcement that can ask daily overwork record sheet, company to work overtime, check on work attendance stay. If the company looks for excuse to default salary, must write down written proof and sign. The book card such as labor contract, IOU, more should appropriate is custodial.

4, after producing back pay event, the first pace should gather evidence namely, include to be able to prove what the contract of how many income, director signs to he deserved capture of insurance of card of overwork sheet, check on work attendance, society is expended by, by the salary of charge of without reason embezzle part of what should be issued etc. The 2nd pace is mention to the arbitration first application. If refuse to obey arbitral result, can to forensic to lodge a complaint. What should remind particularly is, the litigant effectiveness for a given period of time of labor dispute is 60 days, labor arbitration must mention inside 60 days in dispute happening so.

White-collar experience back pay revolts however lack of power, in the main out two reasons: The first, white-collar the urge for improvement is strong, time is used at the job, charge, ignored however right " labor law " study. Want to safeguard oneself rights and interests, want to understand oneself to have what right above all, if connect basic common sense to also be deficient in, obviously justifiable also cannot thought fors the time being. The 2nd, not dare bold thinking fors the time being. The white-collar is mostly great-hearted, feel to engage in a lawsuit tore face, on face not good-looking, or be afraid that a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord that was not come to knows, influence individual develops. If everybody is active,actually thought fors the time being, enterprise how dare does ground of one is assured and bold with justice default salary?