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Beijing: 5 into graduate monthly pay 3000
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3000 yuan of or so general firewood that are nearly 3 years of graduate propose a toast; Obtain employment competition ability of the graduate student is inferior to an undergraduate students. This is to gave first of furnace yesterday " college of the Beijing below network invite applications for a job is graduate the first time obtain employment and professional progress investigation report " shown content.

6 did not find new job 3 years into graduate

This findings report leaves Beijing area through environment of network to apply for a job 22400 graduate sampling survey and data analyse 24 colleges, mirrorred 2005 to 2007 graduate the first time development of obtain employment rate, profession, industry distributings, circumstance of equality of firewood fulfil water. The data that occupies a report shows, beijing college graduate is close 3 years the first time obtain employment rate is 80.6% , graduate obtain employment of prep above whole nation leads the average level of 72.1% . The obtain employment of student of Beijing area liberal art leads manage of summary prep above to be versed in science is born, undergraduate students obtain employment leads obtain employment of graduate student of summary prep above, scale is respectively 81.4% with 76.8% . Major of graduate of college of investigation data indication Beijing and obtain employment match degree for 54.5% , come to Beijing nearly 3 years the scale that college graduate experiences without working changes is 68.54% . According to the analysis of rising to position rate, the graduate of 6.5% gets promoting to a high office on position.

Undergraduate students obtain employment leads prep above graduate student

The difference of obtain employment rate of undergraduate students and graduate student is bigger, findings shows, obtain employment rate of the graduate student is apparent under the undergraduate students, the obtain employment rate of both is respectively 64% with 73.4% . This also gives took an examination of the person that grind blindly to ring alarm bell.

Taking an examination of grind after heat lasts a few years, took an examination of 2008 grind in signing up, appeared to sign up first the case that increase rate drops. The expert points out, obtain employment force is not become direct ratio with record of formal schooling, and should see post of specific to apply for a job and demand. In the investigation to controller of resource of labor power of a lot of companies, informant expresses, if not be post,have to record of formal schooling must below the premise of the requirement, they more apt wants an undergraduate students, the undergraduate students' advantage is the age, 2 it is firewood fulfil, 3 it is stability advantage.

General monthly pay centers 3000 yuan

Findings shows, graduate nearly 3 years be investigated of college student at present firewood proposes a toast main concentration is in 3000 yuan / lunar left and right sides, scale is achieved 48.16% ; Next at present firewood fulfil is to be in 5000 yuan / lunar left and right sides, number scale is achieved 17.05% . At present firewood fulfil is in 3000 reach 5000 yuan / lunar scale is achieved of 65.2% , other firewood proposes a toast paragraph proportion is relatively small much. Visible, at present graduate of our country outstanding college is graduating 3 years the firewood fulfil level inside can be achieved basically 3000 reach 5000 yuan / month.
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