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Tang Jun confirms firewood of price of 1 billion yuan of day proposes a toast
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In the light of with day price 1 billion yuan turn the message that membership due finds new job, before Tang Jun of royal network president confirms to the outside yesterday, new company opens the salary that give to propose a toast to him is 1 billion yuan really. Nevertheless Tang Jun undertook corrective to the hearsay: These 1 billion yuan are not before the ” of “ yearly salary of the hearsay of media, however whole add up to the firewood inside fix a date to propose a toast. What give grandly before is every paid period authority, see company outstanding achievement do even how, and anew 1 billion yuan when the company takes are one-time paid primitive.

A few days ago, tang Jun ever expressed, he will turn with exceeding the “ of 1 billion membership due ” joins in year of China that business amount exceeds 10 billion civilian battalion enterprise, the new company 5 big fields such as sortie real estate, will retail, travel, project, investment, group of left and right sides of prospective half an year will have 2 to be in domestic A the company that appear on the market.

And the interest that the new boss with ostentatious skill also aroused industry. Outside hearsay says, tang Jun will join in group of Shanghai answer star. This company is China the biggest integrated one of groups of kind of civilian battalion industry, at the same time also the message calls Tang Jun and person of husband of answer star group Guo Anchang personal friendship is very good. Nevertheless, him Tang Jun did not undertake confirming to this message.