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Teach conduct financial transactions of your duty field 10 big move
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1. Listen to boss how to say

Probably you compare the person all round more ground of exert to one's utmost works, but yearly raises and award of share out bonus still compare others however low. Because,that is, come compared with you your colleague can do the work properly more believe firmly the attention that can get boss again. Do not think oneself realize supervisory hope, also do not want to fear and dare not ask.

2. With oneself thresh gain is betted

To oneself set can obtain the do all one can of performance target then of bonus to be chased after continuously, can make you annual take more money so.

3. Explore the proposal of finance adviser

Compensation and manpower resource seek advice from the much husband gentleman of the company to say, those know well are ripe the apparitor that the company runs people normally not so be good at conduct financial transactions. An usance advantageous position that the help that is adviser of profit from finance more very just knows to be like where him manage, suffer be restricted stock plan and other and long-term incentive measure.

4. Know special commission or money reward

A lot of employer can be the employee that the company draws on business or provides on company in short supply position to those, the company often says these are rewarded for the area, promotive amount differs to 6 digit from 100 dollars, accordingly you should find out a company to whether the area rewards the project of and so on. If have, go understanding those who administer person set to obtain the condition of this kind of award.

5. Change your pay tax means

If taxes buckles a paragraph to be nodded less, perhaps get come home the pay check of one magnify forehead is simple and some easier. Capture of at present duty much adumbrative also move is annual on April 15 from hill Mu a large sum of returning will get return gold over there uncle, vice-chairman of resource of manpower of IXIA company whole world Mu of the base of a fruit Jones says · , your purpose is the money that wants a company to help your subtract owe a government, otherwise the money that you are lending hill Mu uncle.

6. Get duty-free gold

A lot of companies can be in according to employee emeritus pension account stocks scale mediumly, provide the fund of corresponding certain amount for its. The capital of form a complete set that the company increases is the in part that raises batch of amount with employee commonly, but 6% of employee. Anyhow, employee should carry batch of enough Qian Yiying fund of the biggest spent free form a complete set.

7. Use tax-free income to pay fee as far as possible

A lot of companies are offerred for employee flexible consumptive account, the income before this account can use tax will pay commute cost of shuttle bus cost, young health care of healthy health care and Yo. Employee needs to explain on account application every month will raise batch of how many money from inside salary only. This duty-free gold can be gotten after employee can consume his the person that detail present gives a company or tripartite runs medium.
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