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3 big error let failure of your resume deliver
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The invite applications for a job of special performance of 10 lasher city that in Hubei market of the gift that save a person holds is met on, finance of a college learns road junction of big hill street professional Tian Yuan tells a reporter, with the dormitory 3 did not sign agreement fellow student, do not plan to come out to apply for a job again.

The reason is April a few successive invite applications for a job are met in, resume pitching went be being come to by go back, the confidence that “ applies for a job to them hits very big ” . Not come singly but in pairs, the Liu Tongxue of major of Chinese of university of Wuhan science and technology is in in the incoming letter of mailbox of our newspaper to apply for a job, also conveyed “ why the bewilderment that letter of the to apply for a job on my net always does not have echo ” . For this, the reporter is in in south the discovery after the college such as college of university of politics and law of finance and economics, Wuhan university, Wuhan grain industry is interviewed, those “ give the resume ” that does not go out to basically have 3 more outstanding problems.

The wrongly written or mispronounced characters in resume is much, especially on home page and English resume. In Hua Zhongke big resume of schoolgirl of a bright red surname the first page, one column of ” of circumstance of “ bear the palm is writing “ to obtain awesomely trade ” of dance contest first prize. When the reporter points out to her, is this female survival saying “ is right? ” is similar sign “ so ” fault becomes “ heat name ” , “University(university) the common occurance of commonsensible sex mistake that ” fault becomes “Univresity” , wrongly written or mispronounced characters of most one page resume amounts to 56.

Personnel of invite applications for a job makes known his position clearly: So careless student, pardonable resume is given do not go out. 1000 people one side, all resume are same. Last week the ad industry invite applications for a job of 6 is met on, personnel of invite applications for a job says to the reporter, once going the end of the year and the resume that Beijing University of same name lake receives to learn advertisement major student at the beginning of this year May, actually exactly like, it is big that “ also returns even report 3 when of hair that piece, how to imagine such student union has advertisement originality ” .

As we have learned, some graduate are managing cost, often do the resume of a “ is big and complete ” only, used in November from the end of the year in July, both neither updates a data, also do not have any specific aim. Resume preparation is optional. According to Wuhan talent net staff member introduction, this website often receives a name to believe ” , “ for “ to apply for a job you watch this news ” or flat the post of to apply for a job that did not name, they general metropolis deletes his directly, the caption because of “ and mail of a few virus is very similar ” .
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