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All previous of electric stamped envelope should remove good post headline how
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We should face “ everyday many resume. Are you the shortest with how many time to see a resume? ” was recently on forum of resource of one famous manpower, one holds a post the netizen hair post of HR asks so, he says frankly oneself fastest time is 5 seconds. And with post person the resume that also expresses to be received everyday in succession hundreds on 1000, the time that browse is very limited. Even one person follows post say: Some “ resume are opened, hardware condition is no good, shut immediately, about 2 seconds. ”

Then to apply for a job person can't help wanting to ask, do if where,this capture the eyeball of HR inside 2 short seconds? Reporter at this point the Zou Yu of manpower resource expert that the problem interviewed net of China person of outstanding ability, he expresses, want to plan to write the text of mail like having news title.

1, abstraction theme keyword, avoid applies for ” with ” of “ to apply for a job, “ .

What HR sees above all is mail theme, want to attract him to click, be about to highlight you to have the advantage of competition ability most, abstraction becomes a few keywords. The post that for instance you apply for is an engineer, the requirement has experience of 5 years of works, and you already had working experience of 8 years, can be mail theme surely so “8 year senior engineer ” .

This among them the biggest doohickey is, study the position that applies for post is described, enter according to requirement check the number.

2, resume one page can, avoid is sent with accessory form.

Of resume most begin, also can use a word to generalize his advantage, so farther attune has the appetite of HR.

Although network space is very large, but electronic resume still should follow compact principle, one page content can, want a dot to change as far as possible, data is changed, act fact and number say.

if afore-mentioned following post person be said, some HR do not have the accessory such as patience and time to be opened slowly almost, some enterprises stem from the consideration screen of systematic safety to drop accessory even, because this had better not use accessory,send resume.

3, text form can, do sth unconventional or unorthodox should discreet.

The person that email gives to apply for a job it seems that was offerred very big reveal a space, for instance some to apply for a job person wait with means him introduction of video, but in fact, unless post of invite applications for a job stresses the originality from personnel of course of study and individual character particularly, otherwise great majority HR values this kind of means that do sth unconventional or unorthodox not quite. Above all this kind of file needs to expend more HR time to look, and applicant too the group collaboration ability that crosses individual character to be able to let HR oppugn him.
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