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How to let resume carry all before one
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From the duty field of unknown to public young soldier little takes the person of duty field ox of each big shop signs, the favor that is God probably but more effort that are an individual, on the way of to apply for a job that allows them some less misgive, much the portion is easy.

The 14th period honored guest Mr Chen Huanyu that invites between wisdom couplet special interview already field of duty of go on an expedition more than 10 years, before should be being asked about the first time when the scene when to apply for a job, his face leakage the smile of a Shu Xin, the feeling that believes him is certain also the CRI ad department before returning 10 years as our topic, no matter be the first time to apply for a job or disparate industry between jump turn, he always is so have a well-thought-out plan, take the OFFER of different company smoothly, ask with joking snout when the reporter, “ you are instantly ‘ the spokesman of face bully ’ ah! The person that inspect of ” Chen Zong is smiling to be our to apply for a job spoke his successful skill!

When actually this also may choose a company with me, “ matters. I am in deliver before a resume, can make a judgement to this company first, if from me the angle of oneself is told, want to consider this company to be able to attract you first. More important is I can judge oneself to attract this company at the same time, let the characteristic that this company is interested in. The probability with successful to apply for a job is high, having a very big reason is I do not have blind deliver resume, I had had an opposite understanding and analysis to this company before deliver, what is what I can know it needs now, spoken parts in an opera its are cast after you go namely place is good, he does not have reason not to like. ”

Listen to the proposal of old chief inspector, can't help letting small make up remember in wisdom couplet community, why didn't concerned “ resume respond to the card of ” , between wisdom couplet special interview the 14th period a variety of skill that the to apply for a job on the net also shared with everybody in the program, believe to pass this two period section purposes to introduce, although face grim duty field current situation, to apply for a job person resume is sure to develop a tight encirclement, invincible!