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4 kinds of people can send resume to Google
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Google is a company that allows a person to envy extremely: High pay tall welfare, can take pet dog to go to work, can take the time of 20% to do his to consider dry issue, the boss is returned cannot bother about and interference ……

A lot of years light Chongqing person is dreaming to be able to enter Google. It is reported, the practitioner of a flock of our city Internet was discussing yesterday, should drive early toward the southwest university of boreal Bei by bicycle greatly, want to take the advantage of clearance of lecture of Dr. Li Kaifu to raise this question. Li Kaifu tells a reporter, want to join Google to become an engineer, have a level only, are you the person that is innovation carried out? Simple and character, it is you have new idea, and process designing kongfu wants very good!

It is OK that Dr. Li hopes to have 4 kinds of people to Google deliver resume: The individual once had been done extremely original website; Had published first-rate paper; Had written the code of 100 thousand above; Had worked in preeminent Internet group.

“Google is a company that seeks employee joy, we give employee the own time of 20% , it is the potential that arousing them actually. ” Li Kaifu special the company culture that is happy to introduce them to the reporter, a lot of marvelous products such as map of use of input method of the Gmail of “Google, social net, Google, Guge spring are employee be in what this joy of 20% arouses in time. ”